Areena Riverside Resort

Description of Accommodation:
Areena is a place to escape the hectic world, relax and rejuvenate. It is a place to reconnect. A place to become grounded. Areena is a wholesome place, a place where family values count. A place where children can wander around in safety. A place that evokes feelings of a time gone by – A time when there were no video games, no cellphones and no high security fences. This is a place where kids and adults can learn to play again, to get outdoors and establish real life friends.

Areena Riverside Resort is situated on the banks of the Kwelera tidal river, 23 km east of East London city centre, at the beginning of the Eastern Cape Wild Coast. Areena offers you unsurpassed views of the river, wildlife, birds and surrounding wild coast vegetation.

Areena is the culmination of the dream of Ed and Karen Rathbone to have a unique family resort. Areena was established 28 years ago and after a lot of hard work and dedication, the Rathbone’s were rewarded when the caravaning fraternity voted them as S.A. Top Resort in 2004.

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