1. Unlimited kilometres
2. Standard waiver cover
3. Full gas bottles
4. Roadside assistance
5. Airport transfers to a maximum radius of 50km from the Windhoek branch, Namibia.
6. Johannesburg/Cape Town transfers between branch/depot within a 10km radius
8. All applicable taxes
9. Introduction to the vehicle and equipment
1. Unlimited kilometres
2. Super waiver cover
3. Full gas bottles
4. Roadside assistance
5. Free airport transfers to the Windhoek branch, Namibia.
6. Free airport transfer to Johannesburg/Cape Town branch/depot
7. VAT
8. Introduction to the vehicle and equipment

1. Minimum rental period is 7 days.
2. A rental day includes pick up and drop off days as full days irrespective of the time
collected or returned.
3. No refunds are applicable for early returns.
4. Late or delayed arrivals – should Avis Safari Rental incur additional costs whilst collecting
or delivering vehicles at out stations due to Hirer late arrival, they will be for the Hirer

1. 08H00 TO 16H30 Monday to Friday.
2. Deliveries and collections are included from Monday to Friday during normal office hours.
After hours, on Saturdays and Sundays or public holidays there will be a handover fee of
R450.00 per vehicle. The Hirer must provide a working cellular contact number and e-mail
address to its agent or Safari Rental Reservations.
3. The agent or Hirer must provide flight details or a collection point and time with Avis
Safari Rental.
4. No vehicle may be returned at any airport – it must be termed at a branch/depot or by
prior arrangement.
NB: To ensure timeous vehicle return the Hirer must arrange the return with the respective branch
24hrs before return. Collection delivery points other than Cape Town and Windhoek are managed
out of the Johannesburg depot.

1. The Hirer acknowledges that they are aware of the purpose for which the vehicle was
designed, as well as all safety and maintenance procedures. The Hirer is responsible to look
after and maintain the vehicle during use and to return the vehicle in good order, fair wear
and tear accepted.
2. Super cover is included and will cover loss or damage due to theft and collision damages
but not lost equipment or damages due to carelessness or negligence.
3. Cross border travel – written authorization is required for any travel outside of South
Africa. This must be made at the time of booking.

 Avis Safari Rentals are not responsible for adhoc fines, levies or other extraordinary
expenditure that may occur in countries outside of South Africa.

4. Checking the vehicle and signing the contract – it is recommended that the Hirer should
check the vehicle thoroughly on handover to ensure the vehicle meets with their
requirements and it is always beneficial to recheck items like wheel changing tools and tyre
condition. On signing the contract the Hirer signs acceptance of the vehicle and equipment.

1. Any mechanical repair or replacement related to fair wear and tear is covered by Avis
Safari Rental. Repairs of up to R1500.00 can be effected without prior authorization. On
higher amounts prior authorization is required from Avis Safari Rental. Due to the vastness
of the area where vehicles are mobile the Hirer is responsible to get the vehicle to the
nearest workshop. Where not mobile, Avis Safari Rental should be contacted to arrange
towing for the vehicle to be towed to the nearest workshop for diagnosis.
2. In most cases vehicles are still covered under the new vehicle manufacturers warranty
and their warranty conditions will apply where mechanical failures occur. It is important to
remember that Avis Safari Rental is not the manufacturer of the vehicle or equipment but
will do its utmost to select and offer the best and most recommended vehicles and
equipment as well as ensure the vehicles are fully maintained and checked prior to
3. Where serious mechanical failures occur due to standard wear and tear and which cannot
be repaired timeously a replacement vehicle will be supplied within 24 hours of diagnosis.
This relates to the countries of South Africa, Namibia. In other countries of Botswana,
Zimbabwe, Southern Mozambique and Southern Zambia the replacement will be given in 48
4. Inconvenience and time lost is not covered for mechanical failures which cannot be
5. Super Cover has a R4 000 refundable security deposit which will be charged to the Hirer’s
credit card on vehicle collection. The security deposit is to ensure the vehicle is returned to
the correct branch/depot, full fuelled and outstanding fines. Avis Safari Rental will not be
held responsible for currency fluctuations.
6. The Hirer must fully refuel the vehicle no more than 10km radius from drop off point –
Avis Safari Rental reserves the right to confirm the fuel level by way of refill.
7. A R800 cleaning charged is for the Hirers account. This is a standard fee charged to all
customers for cleaning the exterior and interior of the vehicle as well as the linen, crockery
and cutlery. In the event that the vehicle is returned in an extremely dirty condition, it will
be cleaned by a professional valet service and the cost of the valet will be charged to the

NB: Avis Safari Vehicles are fitted with Long Range tanks therefore the fuel gauge showing
full does not constitute a full tank – Avis Safari will top up each vehicle on return.

1. The vehicles are all fully serviced and maintained as per manufacturers requirements and
Avis Safari Rental has introduced additional maintenance which is completed on vehicles.
2. The Hirer is responsible to maintain the vehicle during the rental period. This includes the
standard check of tyre pressure, wheel nuts, wheel alignment if necessary, oil and coolant
levels and to be aware of any symptoms which may arise during the rental period. In
addition, should the vehicle reach 15000 kilometres (10000km for Land Cruiser) intervals
(see Annexure:2) during the rental period, the Hirer is required to service the vehicle at a
suitable workshop associated to the vehicle manufacturer. Where an official dealer is not
available, other workshops may service the vehicle with our authorization.
3. Avis Safari Rental vehicles are under maintenance plan. Should there be a charge, the
Hirer will be reimbursed at rental reconciliation

1. All accidents must be reported to the local police and Avis Safari Rental within 24 hours.
2. Where collision damages render a vehicle unusable, a replacement vehicle can be
supplied by Avis Safari Rental if available.
3. No refund will be given for lost days due to collision damages.
4. Should the Hirer continue with a new replacement vehicle, a new rental contract and
standard waiver conditions will apply.

1. Third party cover: your super waiver cover includes third party cover for RSA,
Namibia, Botswana, Eswatini and Lesotho only. Third party cover for any other
country must be purchased at the port of entry.
2. Avis Safari Rental does NOT offer PAI (Personal Accident Insurance). Recommend
you take out travel insurance prior to traveling.

Super Cover
a. Zero excess applies
b. Includes replacement of 2 tyres
c. Towing
d. We do not cover single vehicle roll over once negligence is proved – For single vehicle
rollover, standard excess will apply. (R30 000.00 VAT inclusive) This will be due to breach of
contract i.e. exceeding the speed limit, driving on roads not permissible, under the influence
of alcohol or drugs, driving on the wrong side of the road etc.
f. Gearbox or Diff issues, must be reported to Avis Safari rentals in order curb any further
damages (In the case of incorrect usage of the Diff or Gearbox, an external report will be
authorised by Avis Safari Rentals and the customer may be billed for the damages)
g. Damages due to negligence or equipment losses are not covered by any waivers.
h. A case number or police report is required for any incidents related to collision or theft
loss or damage. Should a case number not be supplied to Avis Safari Rental, standard excess
will apply

1. The Avis Safari Rental 4wd vehicles are allowed on all bitumen/tar and gravel roads as
well as all recognized public 4×4 tracks in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho,
Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Swaziland. Special permission is required for any other
countries in Sub Saharan Africa.

1. A once off cross-border surcharge is applicable when leaving South African borders.
This is a once off charge irrespective of how many borders are crossed. See the
applicable fees below.
2. R600.00 fee is applicable for the countries of Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe,
Zambia, and Southern Mozambique (south of the Zambezi River). If the vehicles are
collected in a neighbouring country and no borders are crossed then the cross
border fee is not applicable but only the delivery surcharges as listed previously. As
an example if the vehicle is collected and dropped off in Namibia and no borders are
crossed then no cross border fee is applicable.
3. Our vehicles may not travel further than Zambabwe – Harare, Zambia –Lusaka,
Botswana – Kasane, Mozambique – Beira.
4. No surcharge applicable for Swaziland and Lesotho
5. A C02 emissions charge of R450 for any vehicle picked up or entering Namibia is

1. Additional equipment is available through Avis Safari. This includes electronic equipment
like GPS and satellite phones. Avis Safari Rental may use third party suppliers for this
equipment and cannot warrant the accuracy or reliability of this equipment.
2. All Avis Safari Rental vehicles are supplied with one spare wheel. Additional spare wheels
are available on request with the exception of Group N, L and A. The fitment of spare wheel
carriers adds considerable weight to a vehicle, therefore, all vehicles are fitted with the only
true reinforced sidewall All Terrain tyres (4X4 off road tyres).

1. If for reasons beyond our control, the reserved vehicle is not available, Avis Safari
Rental reserve the right to substitute the vehicle with another vehicle in the same
category or in a higher category. This shall not constitute a breach of contract or
entitle the hirer to a refund.
2. Should a renter not be able to sleep in the hired vehicle while a replacement vehicle
is on route, a R850 per night per vehicle, for alternative accommodation will be
afforded to the hirer.

1. The Hirer is fully responsible for any damage or related costs to the vehicle or third party
 The terms of the rental contract are breached.
 Damage to the vehicle or equipment caused by careless or reckless driving.
 Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
 Water submersion above the indicator line on the vehicle or salt-water damage.
 Overhead or under carriage damage.
 If the vehicle is abandoned and no contact is made by the Hirer to Avis Safari Rental.
 Driving on restricted or closed roads.
 Driving on dunes or off-road where no track is obvious.
 Damage to the vehicle due to collision with animals should the renter be speeding or
driving in a restricted area.