1. The Vehicle

When driving into the wilderness, the nearest town and/or assistance can often be a couple
hours away. You therefore need a vehicle that you can rely on in any situation you may
find yourself. Our vehicle modifications are aimed at ensuring you are safe throughout your
journey while experiencing all Africa has to offer. Upgraded suspension and increased ride
height to reliable all terrain tyres and a long-range fuel tank, all enhancing your enjoyment.
Gadgets and gismos are good and fun until something goes wrong. Every Bushtracker
vehicle, after collecting decades of experience, will give you all you need, eliminating all
the unnecessary that could complicate your holiday. Giving you additional space and a
hassle-free experience, a vehicle that looks good and is made for the off-road environment.
Following on from the theme of a simplistic vehicle, Bushtrackers ensure the vehicle is as
light as possible. Weight is an important factor in sand and mud, where too much weight
increases your risk of encountering trouble while also increasing fuel consumption. Not
ideal when traversing difficult terrain.

The Process
a. Rental information – For the rental we will require a copy of your passport as well as
driver’s licence. Regrettably if your drivers license is not read/explained in English, you will
require an English International Drivers License. This is for insurance purposes. We will
also gather any additional information pertaining to the rental period and vehicle
b. Vehicle collection – First we run through the documentation and then the vehicle. Both of
which will be explained in depth ensuring you are comfortable, familiar and understand
everything. The vehicle and all its equipment will be shown, explained and demonstrated
to your satisfaction. A damage check is done together with you. The full process of
documentation and vehicle hand- over taking approximately 1.5 – 3 hrs depending on
number of questions asked and specific client needs.
c. On rental – We will assist whenever and wherever possible with you always being able toBushtrackers does not cover personal items and/or passenger liability cover.

I. Standard Cover (Included in rates)
a. Included in rental rate with no additional charge.
b. Maximum accident responsibility: R40 000.00 For damages to the vehicle less than this,
the client will be responsible for the full cost to a maximum value of R40 000.00
c. Any of the following will have an excess responsibility of R60 000.00
i. Roll over/write-off/theft/accident at night/accident with animal or water damage.
d. Excess chosen is authorised/blocked on the client’s credit card on collection of vehicle.
e. The above blocked amount is released in the absence of any claim and/or damage.
f. Windscreen maximum responsibility is R2000.00
g. No cover to tyre damage.
h. No cover to vehicle towing and/or recovery fees, excludes general wear/tear breakdowns.
i. Does not cover damage resulting from abusive/negligent driving.
j. Camping equipment, front & rear non-standard fitted bumpers and abusive undercarriage
damage is not covered.

II. CDW 2 cover is an additional R400.00 p/d
a. Cover at an additional daily rate of R400.00 per day
b. Cover is for rental periods 10 days and longer.
c. Zero/No excess in the event of accidents and/or damages.
d. Any of the following will have an excess responsibility of R60 000.00
i. Roll over/write-off/theft/accident at night/accident with animal or water damage.
e. R5 000 will be authorised/blocked on the client’s credit card on collection of the vehicle for
the duration on rental. This is to ensure the return of the vehicle to the specified location
and to cover damaged and/or lost equipment.
f. Full cover to windscreen/glass damage.
g. Full cover to tyre damage 2 tyres only.
h. 50% responsibility to total vehicle towing and/or recovery fees, exclusive of general wear
and tear breakdowns. This cover excludes towing and/or recovery required in
Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia, where the Hirer will be responsible for the full cost.
i. Does not cover damage resulting from abusive/negligent driving.
j. Cover pertains to the vehicle and tent only. Camping equipment, front and rear non
standard fitted bumpers and abusive undercarriage damages are not covered.

a. Roll-over is deemed if 2 or more wheels loose contact with travelled surface at any one time.
b. Write-off is deemed when the vehicle is uneconomical to repair.
c. At night is deemed between dust and dawn.
d. Water damage is damage caused by water in the vehicle’s electrical systems, components
and/or mechanical systems – from driving through water deeper than the bottom of the vehicle’s

Breach of contract shall deem any cover null and void. The Hirer must obey the rules and regulations of the road.
Maximum speeds on tarred roads is 120km/h and 80km/h on gravel, where Bushtrackers recommends no faster than 100km/h on tarred roads and 60km/h on gravel as vehicle is heavy and the conditions often unfamiliar.

Vehicle Tracking
All Bushtracker vehicles are fitted with reputable tracking devices and one’s location can be found
anywhere in Southern Africa. This also serves as a tool to monitor the use of the vehicle and
Bushtrackers reserves the right to recover the vehicle should the Hirer be in breach of the contract terms
and conditions.

Tyre and glass damage
a. High speeds heat up the tyre and increase the risk of damage especially when driving off-road.
b. The Hirer is responsible for repairing all punctured tyres.
c. If tyre cover is taken, the client will waive the responsibility of replacing the damaged tyre to the
vehicle provided the correct brand and size has been purchased should the client have to do
so on rental. These will be refunded in full.
d. Acceptable tyres brands where refund will be given,
a. Bridgestone 265/65/R17 A/T D693
b. Dunlop 265/65/R17 A/T 25
e. Incorrect tyre brands and/or sizes (other than above) will only have a 50% refund at the
equivalent South African price.
f. Windscreen replacement would be required on stone chips larger than 2mm and on any
run/crack that may occur regardless of size.

a. E-tolls are a standard charge implemented by the South African Government for the main
highway/freeways in Johannesburg and Pretoria. This is a standard charge on the contract.
b. Toll gates outside this region are for the Hirer’s expense.

Do nots (prohibited actions)
a. We do not allow our vehicles to tow and hence they do not have tow bars. Towing is dangerous
in the various terrains and may result in serious complications and costs for the Hirer.
b. Any persons 26 years of age and under are regrettably not allowed to drive the vehicles.
c. Persons having their license less than 5 years are also regrettably not allow to drive.
d. There are territory restrictions as to where this vehicle may travel. Travel on any wet pans, dune
driving, beach driving, un-recognised tracks outside national parks, dune tours, hazardous river
crossings or seasonal areas as advised by local authorities, is not permitted.

Collisions & Accidents
a. All accidents/incidents warranting an insurance claim must be reported to the police within 72
hours and a police case number obtained.
b. There is no third-party insurance cover outside the borders of the South Africa. (Compulsory
third-party insurance must be purchased at the border posts when entering any other country)
c. If requested, a replacement vehicle will be provided as soon as reasonably possible depending
on the location of the delivery.
d. If due to accident/negligent driving/abuse, should a replacement vehicle be taken, regardless
of the cover initially chosen, the remainder of the rental requires a new excess.

a. Bushtrackers reserves the right on permission to drive age of potential drivers must be
b. Only the Hirer, or additional driver nominated in the rental agreement may drive this vehicle. In
the event of the Hirer permitting an unstated person to drive, resulting in breach of this clause,
the Hirer shall nevertheless be liable for any damage and/or losses suffered.
c. The Bushtracker vehicle may be driven, and are insured, in the following countries: South Africa,
Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique. Provided
permission and cross-border authorization is obtained prior to the rental.
d. Travel in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique is entirely at Hirer’s own risk as limited backup
service is available or provided.
e. There shall be no refund for the early return of vehicles against the agreed rental agreement
return date. Vehicles returned after agreed rental agreement date are charged for these days.
f. The Hirer shall park, store, keep, the vehicle properly locked and secured during rental period.
g. The Hirer shall ensure that the keys of the vehicle are under the control of the Hirer at all times.
h. A credit card block to the value of the quoted security deposit amount is required upon collection
of the vehicle as security to cover any breakages, losses, traffic offences, and/or unpaid fees.
i. Any damaged or lost equipment as per the inventory list, as well as damage to vehicle, will be
deducted from the security deposit. Fair wear and tear accepted.
j. Deposit will be refunded/returned within 5 working days, less any amounts owed as stated